Why is politics such a difficult subject to discuss?

Why is there such a large scope of political opinions? The question is a difficult one. But, in fact, there is a lot to disagree about:

  • (A) What is the state of world at present? It is much more difficult than most people realize to understand the world at the present state. 
  • (B) What should we strive for? In other words: what world should we try to achieve?
  • (C) How could we get from (A) to (B)? Even if we agreed about the state of the world and what we should strive for, we could disagree about the better ways of changing the world.

Even one single question could have as many answers as humans in the world (in fact, they do). We are talking about three difficult questions. The fact that we have so few political parties is amazing, to be honest.

So, politics is fraught with division. The first step we could take to make things a bit easier on us all? Just accept that others may think different and not always because they are bad people.

Then, we can argue openly and attentively — but there’s something else that most of us are not ready to do: we must argue without preconditions. This means we must accept the possibility (as remote as it may seem) of being convinced by others. 

And, just to make things even harder: we must believe that some answers are better than others. We just cannot assume ours are the better ones.

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