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Don’t platonify me so much, please!

In the book I’m reading (The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb), the author presents a very interesting concept: “Platonicy”. This is the tendency to believe in forms and models (in a Platonic sense) which makes us misunderstand reality in … Continue reading

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Why do people believe in bullshit?

When I hear someone talking about astrology, homeopathy or one of the countless conspiracy theories that people buy into for some reason, I think to myself: “Why do people believe in bullshit?” Some notes on a possible answer: (1) If, for some evolutionary reason, our genes had a … Continue reading

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God vs. Man? Rather Man vs. Man

Creationism is interesting not because it has any scientific value, but because it gives us the opportunity to look at the results of misguided intelligence first-hand. To become a creationist is simple: you decide to believe that the Earth was … Continue reading

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